Our Mission

Why We Are Here

For God’s Glory – We come together to worship Him. That means that we focus on Him and give Him the praise and adoration He deserves. We do this by praying together, praising Him in song, and learning of Him in the message from the pastor. He is a powerful, holy and awe-inspiring God, yet He is also loving, patient, and kind. We love to worship Him, because He is so worthy of all our praise.

To Learn About God – Jesus said, “This is life eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.” (John 17:3) We want to know Him, so we study about Him from the Bible in Sunday School, Bible studies, and the services.

To Build Families – People today have forgotten what is important from God’s point of view. That’s why there are so many troubled families. We want to help people learn God’s plan for the family and to help rebuild broken relationships.

We Are Here For You – God put our church in this neighborhood and in this city for a purpose. He wants us to be a blessing to you. We are inviting you to come so we can serve you better.

How We Are Different

We Aren’t Here To Entertain You – Many churches lure people into their membership with parties or programs. Activities have their place in our church, but they aren’t our focus — God is. We believe that learning about God and our relationship to Him is fascinating enough to hold the interest of any believer.

We Are An Independent Baptist Church – We aren’t connected with any convention or association. That’s because we believe that Jesus established the church, but He never said a word about a convention. We want our church to be run as closely as possible to God’s pattern.

We Are A Mission-Minded Church – We believe it’s our responsibility to share with others the wonderful truths about God and to tell them of the sacrifice the Lord Jesus Christ made so that His people could be forgiven. We help support missionaries all over the world and faithfully pray for them.

We Don’t Believe In High-Pressure Tactics – We don’t use psychology, high-pressure tactics, or a shallow “plan of salvation” which are all geared to produce quick and meaningless “decisions,” In stead, we are committed to teaching the gospel truths, because we know that God alone can bring a person to see his need.