Doctrinal Beliefs

What We Believe

We believe that God is sovereign. That means that He is the King, the one in charge. He made everything and everything belongs to Him, so it’s His right to do what He pleases with what is His own.

None of us are good enough for God, or ever can be. From the time we are born, we have a nature that says, “I want to be the boss. ” We do wrong things because we want to be the one in charge. We might try to do better, but we never succeed, because we can’t change our nature.

Everyone deserves to be cut off from God, and punished forever for his sin. God is not only holy, though. He is merciful. He chose to rescue a people for Himself, to free them from the bondage of sin and to adopt them as His children.

All sin has to be punished, so God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment His people deserved. There on the cross He not only endured terrible physical pain, but He bore God’s anger against sin. He paid the penalty sin deserved — death. He didn’t pay for sins “just in case” the sinner might repent. He settled the debt for those He called to be His children.

Jesus said, ” All that the father giveth me will come to me.” That means that God is not helplessly knocking at the door of our hearts, waiting until we let Him in and allow Him to give us a ticket to Heaven. It’s our nature to resist God, but He is more powerful than any person. He works in the hearts of His people so that they willingly come to bow before the Lord Jesus Christ.

What God does, stays done. He paid for the sins of His people once and for all. They are His forever. They don’t need to fear losing their salvation.

When a person is God’s child, you can tell it! We aren’t perfect, but we want to obey God, and to be more like Him. When we do wrong, His Holy Spirit lets us know it and makes us sorry for doing wrong. He is like a loving Father to us, correcting us when we do things that are hurtful to us and displeasing to Him.

If nobody knows that you are a Christian, perhaps you had better take another look at your relationship to God. Do you love Him, and want to know Him better? Do you like to learn about Him and to be around His people? Do you feel sorrow when you do wrong? If not, perhaps God isn’t your father. Your relationship with God is the most important part of your life. You need to be sure exactly how you stand with Him.

If you have questions, or if you need help please feel free to call. We will be happy to show you from the Bible what God says about becoming His child.