Sunday School

Our Philosophy

“Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not,” Jesus said. He loved the children and showed they were important to Him.

At Sherwood, we, too, feel children are important. Sunday School is much more than a babysitting session or an entertainment time. Our goal is to teach the children about Jesus and to give them a thorough knowledge of God’s Word.

We know that having a “head knowledge” of the Bible doesn’t save children, but we believe that the Scriptures are able to make them wise unto salvation.

While we teach the Bible and continually point the children toward salvation, we are also aware that children frequently make false professions of faith. Sometimes this happens because of a lack of complete understanding, or because of a child’s natural desire to please. We are careful never to push, and we never press for decisions. We work together with parents and let them know if the children seem troubled or have questions about salvation.

Our Classes and Teachers

Our training begins in the toddler nursery. Children from 18 months to three years old start learning about God. They have a song time, a Bible lesson, and a craft. They also have a take-home paper so parents can reinforce the truths at home.

At four, the children promote to the Beginner class. They remain here until they reach 6 years of age.

The next class is for the children ages 7 to 9. We would like to see this class transition to include the 10 year-old children and are working out the details.

The youth, (10-17) meet in the Annex directly west of the main building. This class spans quite a few years, but currently, it is composed of just the younger ones. If the class grows, or as the children age, we will be considering adding another class for the older teens.

We understand that there are several different circumstances that would require us to allow exceptions to the age guidelines of each class. Please speak to the pastor if you believe your child has any special considerations.

Generally, promotion to the next class is done in October, but we leave it up to the parents whether their children move into the higher class on their birthday or wait until October.

All the teachers were chosen on the basis of their love for the Lord, the high moral standards of their lives, and their love for children. We believe children deserve the best, and it is our goal to provide the best teaching, firm foundations, and the most loving and interesting classes for them.

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