Dear Friends,

The holidays do not end here until after the 6-7th of January.  Since Mexico celebrates the day of the ‘Three Kings’, many folks are just returning from their vacations. Others are just now leaving on vacation. Our daughter, Carolyn, is leaving on Saturday for a two week trip to the States that includes time in Oklahoma as well as a trip with friends to Washington D.C.  Our oldest son, Mark, is also leaving this Saturday for a 10-day trip to Denver to visit with my folks.  I will also be traveling to Oklahoma for a short trip the last week of this month.

The past year was another time of growth for our mission work.  The monthly training institutes for pastors and workers in Central America continue along with the institute in Merida, Yucatan.  Our audio websites and the Spurgeon sermon translation project continue to have an impact in the Spanish-speaking world. The mission that I am presently leading is hoping to have some guidance regarding the purchase of a permanent meeting place. The literature and printing ministries continue to provide sound materials that are distributed throughout Latin America.

We began new Bible studies in Cuernavaca as well as an upper class area of Mexico City (Interlomas). The trip to Cuernavaca is 155 miles round trip through the mountains south of the city.  The poor security situation around Cuernavaca requires that we modify the time schedule of this Monday night study.  Narcos recently harassed some of the folks who attend.  They were able to escape from an attempt to force them into a trap on the highway while heading home from the meeting.  Mexico is considered the kidnapping capital of the world and these kinds of incidents make everyone think carefully about safety and precautions.

We have seen an increase in the response to our Sunday morning radio program.  This outreach has maintained a presence on the same radio station for the last 12-13 years. Since “Christian” radio stations are not allowed here, time slots must be purchased on commercial stations. Over the holidays it was my pleasure to meet some of the new folks who are attending our missions in the city and learn that their first contact was made via our radio programming.

We held special services the weekend of Dec 7-8 and also the last Sunday of Dec. and the first Sunday of January.  There were visiting pastors from the Queretaro and Guanajuato, along with two young men who are leading the mission in Morelia, Michoacan.  Our pastor, Daniel Chamberlin, was here for the early December meeting along with Pastor Ogan (from Oklahoma) and Pastor Jarvis (from Florida).  We had a blessed time of preaching, fellowship and sightseeing. Bro. Jarvis was on the staff of our home church when we left for Mexico in 1983.

One of our men (Mario Guerra) went to be with the Lord early on the first Sunday of this New Year. He had a short battle with stomach cancer, and spend most of the last two months in the hospital.  The doctors told his wife that he would not regain consciousness, but on that morning he suddenly woke up and told her the Lord was calling him and that he was “falling asleep in Jesus”.  This was a glorious testimony to his unconverted daughter and other family members. We had a good funeral at the cemetery the same Sunday night, with the opportunity to preach the Gospel to many people. Mario was converted 10 years ago after suffering a major stroke that forced him into early retirement.

This last year our family experienced trials related to health and other issues. Carolyn will graduate from college this spring. Luke is leading a new construction project and Mark is in the process of moving up the ladder at Citibank (Banamex), but still awaiting a promised salary increase.  We thank you again for your help and prayers in the great cause of the Gospel.


Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family