Dear Friends,                                                                                 Nov. 11, 2014


Our Spurgeon translator, Allan Roman, died last week after an 8-year struggle with cancer. He was 67 years old and the initial lung cancer diagnosis (in 2006) had given him only 3 months to live. We were able to provide him with an income that allowed him to dedicate his remaining years full-time to this work. The end result was 574 translated sermons as well as 539 readings in audio MP3. Many of you have prayed for him, for the sermons and the conversion of his family. We will only know in eternity all the good that has come from this endeavor. Through the ‘miracle’ of the Internet, Spurgeon ‘continues to preach’ to the whole Spanish-speaking world.

Lissa is still doing well in the retina healing process. We had a ‘scare’ in early October with a re-occurrence of symptoms of detachment, but it turned out to be just the after effects from the initial surgery. We almost made a trip back to the States but the doctor here said it was not necessary. Three subsequent checkups seem to indicate that everything is fine. Lissa will have a complete revision with her retina surgeon when we take Carolyn to the States, which may be in the Spring.

I will be preaching the anniversary services in Irapuato (4 hours northwest of Mexico City) next Sunday, the 16th. Folks will be attending from Aguascalientes, Morelia, Michaocan, as well as Queretaro. The services will be held in the new church building that is still being finished at La Purisima. Then I have one more Institute trip to Merida (21-22nd).

I have been taking two tablets (loaded with PDF books) on each monthly trip to the Pastors in Guatemala. I could take more, but the customs restrictions limit what can be done. I will take 4 or 5 of these little machines to the preachers who will attend the anniversary services in Irapuato this weekend. There are about 300 books on each tablet, which would cost well over 3,000 dollars if we purchased them in a regular print form.

Our daughter Carolyn is the final stages of the long, drawn-out process to get her degree after graduating in June from the U.N.A.M. The degree process is separate from the graduation, due to the corruption and bureaucracy here. God willing, she will be moving to the States next year.

Mexico is in the middle of an ongoing crisis related to the disappearance of 43 students. This happened over 6 weeks ago and it is presumed that they were murdered and their bodies subsequently burned before being buried in some clandestine landfill or river. The crisis that this has provoked could actually be an opportunity to make same real changes in the political process. We would love to see this become a rallying cry to finally put an end to the violence that has taken more than 60,000 lives since 2006-2012 and another 16,000 just in 2013. These figures are considered to be very understated. You can read about the tragedy at this link:

A group of our folks have been working on an audio version of the Pilgrim’s Progress in Spanish for months. This will take some time to complete and will be linked with a study guide in Spanish that is one of our next translation projects.


Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family