Dear Friends,                                                                                   July 9, 2014


We will be leaving next Monday (July 14) for a short visit to the USA. We will be crossing the border at Laredo and driving through the ‘narco’ controlled areas of northern Mexico. We will be spending 8-9 days in Denver with my mother while my dad makes a trip to PA to see his relatives. I will be preaching in Oklahoma and visiting some of our supporting churches.

At the risk of sounding ‘racist’ and being misunderstood I want to make some comments about the present exodus of young children from Central America. The major news media is trying to paint this out as ‘humanitarian-refugee’ crisis. In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth. The whole thing is being orchestrated by the families of these children and taken advantage of by many ‘interests’ on both sides of the border. These kids would never be able to make this extremely dangerous journey without their relatives and parents paying off Mexican immigration officials, the ‘coyotes’ and various mafia groups along the way.

For many years families in Central America have been abandoning their children and leaving them behind in the care of friends and relatives.  It was relatively ‘easy’ for mom or dad (or both) to get over the U.S. border, but not if they brought along the whole family. Thus their friends and relatives have been forced to care for the children who were left behind. I have witnessed first hand this tragedy and the toll that it has taken on all concerned. Those who have the burden of trying to raise these children do the best they can, but lack the resources, time, ability and motivation to do things properly. The children are severely traumatized by the fact that their parents have abandoned them and have no intention of returning to their country of origin.

The present influx of minors (because of no border enforcement by the U.S. government) is exactly the opportunity that many have been waiting for. Those who are “left behind” now see the chance to be free from this burden and potentially find a ‘back door’ way for the whole extended family to get to the USA. There are reports in the Mexican press of hundreds of thousands who are preparing to take advantage of the present lax border enforcement policy. What is happening now is only a glimpse of what will happen on a much larger scale if any kind of real amnesty bill makes it through Congress.  Many studies have shown that if they are given the opportunity, 60-75% of the populations of these countries will head for the U.S. border. They have completely given up on making things better where they live and see the ‘American Dream’ as their only hope for a better life.

This present situation also confirms that the U.S.-Mexican border is still wide open and more dangerous than ever.  If something is not done to stop this, the USA will be irreversibly changed demographically, culturally, politically and religiously. Those who only hear the superficial news reports have no idea that the Catholic Church as well as many Pentecostal groups are major promoters of this scheme. They encourage their church members to head for the States, and then ‘pray’ for protection from the “Migra” using the false ‘prosperity gospel’ as an incentive to do so.  Then of course they demand that those who ‘make it’ send back ‘offerings’ and donations to their organizations. Many even use the ‘threat’ of God’s judgment on those who don’t pay up.

We would love to see multitudes of these people truly converted and return to their home countries as missionaries. Sadly the myriad of political ‘interests’ that are involved just want them to remain ‘victims’ and view them as potentially future ‘voters’ for their party. The governments of their home countries see them as a source of ‘foreign’ income that will be sent to the remaining relatives who where unfortunately ‘left behind’.

A few other news items: Our daughter, Carolyn, graduated from the UNAM (University). She was the Valedictorian, but was not allowed to say anything about God in her speech. Mexico is trying to follow the Gringo lead in social issues as well as maintain a deep bias regarding the right to free speech by anyone who seems to be religious. The Bible Institute here in the City continues to progress and the attendance has held up with over 50 men attending each Thursday night session. The local Municipal police and judicial authorities (the same ones that mistreated Mark) were recently caught kidnapping a woman (European) and holding her for 250,000 dollars ransom. It is considered ‘miraculous’ that she was able to escape from them. I am purchasing some low-end 7in. tablets that can be used to read sound books in a PDF format. We have been gathering a large Spanish theological library in this format and the tablets make it easier for our preachers to use the material. We continue to purchase traditional print books, but they are much more expensive and harder to come by.

Please pray for our border trip.

Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family

Mexico Missions

Covenant Baptist Church

P. O. Box 741

Broken Arrow, OK 74013