Grace to Thailand Prayer Letter

Paul and Susan BrownApril 26, 2018

Sending Church: Central Baptist Church, Pastor Bill Lee
P. O. Box 876, Grenada MS 38902-0876
Email:; Susan’s Blog:

The Lord is good! I have had a privilege that many of our children in Thailand have never had. I have had a mother that loved me for 67 years. Some of the kids have never known their mothers — or fathers, either. How I thank the Lord for a faithful, Christian mother who sacrificially loved us, led us and supported us in the ways of the Lord.

Many of you already know that on March 30th I received a phone call from my sister telling me that mom had just passed away. Yes, it was very unexpected on our part, butcertainly not on the Lord’s.

Growing up – I’m on the The last time I saw my Mom. Susan and I were able to see our far right Made a surprise visit last year. children at the funeral

We had not planned on coming back to the states this year, but the Lord had other plans. And He so obviously prepared the way for Susan and me to get back for the funeral. We thought we had found a place to move where we could raise our Thai children and minister more effectively to the hill tribes. It would have required a lot of labor on the property in the month of April to get it ready before the children came back from their summer break. It also would have required us to be there for legal paperwork. But all fell through. I can’t say we weren’t greatly disappointed to find out there was no clear title. Yet, we were free to fly immediately home as soon as we were able to get tickets. The Lord had that planned, too. There were two seats left on a flight to America the next day.

Please continue to pray for my sister who cared for my mother 24/7 for many years. There is a big hole in both our hearts, but particularly in hers. Our mom was the focus of her life and major readjustments lie ahead. We are thankful for her faithful, loving service which enabled us to be in Thailand without worry about Mom. We knew without doubt that she had the best of care.

Please continue to pray for us concerning a place to live in Thailand where our children have a good environment, where the preachers can come for preachers’ training, andwhere Susan can teach other needy young people during the weekdays.


Also pray for me to be able to get a visa to travel inland in Myanmar so I can also have apreachers’ training there. This would allow the men to come, not only from Myanmar, but also from Laos, Vietnam, and China.

Kimmy, our helper, will be in the US for at least several more months. Supervising and schooling the kids will be much more complicated without her help. Please pray for Susan as she tackles this job by herself. With seven teenagers, she will need much strength, patience, and wisdom!

Pray for these we love in Thailand while we are away until the end of April. It has been a joy to see our children and grandchildren. It’s a wrench to say goodbye to those we love here, but at the same time we look forward to seeing those precious people on the other side of the world and getting back to the work to which He has called us.

May the Lord bless you! For Christ count everything but loss…Bro. paul

P.S.: The Lord willing we will send a catchup financial report when we are able to get all of our finances together for both the work continuing in Thailand and our emergency tripto America. Also don’t forget Susan’s blog: