Dear Prayer & Financial Partners in the Lord.

It is with great appreciation and gratitude for your fervent prayers and financial support for the furtherance of gospel in this part of the world. I want to take this opportunity to update you with what is going on here in Guyana. The economy does not allow our people to earn a fair salary. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs. Very many of our people are migrated to North America; mainly in search of better living conditions and earnings. I have to take on more of the preaching since one of the pastors(Bro.Moti) have migrated to the States. Living Stone Baptist Church is having about $125.00 to $150.00 monthly. Roadside Baptist has a drop in their tithes and offering since July of this year. Their income is about $300.00 tp $400.00 monthly. Corriverton Baptist Church is having about $450.00 to $500.00 monthly. These figures are in U.S dollars.
Most of the people in our churches do not have a regular job. It will break my heart to describe the true situation in the country. To maintain the church bus takes a good sum of money to keep it running. The bus is about fifteen years old. We’ve been having serious problems with the alternator. A new one is not available. It is our goal to plant indigenous churches. We continue to work towards this end by God’s grace. The mission fund is a blessing to the work here.
Nalin and I are truly blessed with your labour of love. Feel free to come and visit us as the Lord leads. There will be a place for you to stay and food for all who may come our way.
Yours in Christ.
Almond & Nalin Katryan,