Grace to Thailand Prayer Letter

Paul and Susan Brown September 18, 2017

Sending Church: Central Baptist Church, Pastor Bill Lee
P. O. Box 876, Grenada MS 38902-0876
Email:; Susan’s Blog:

Some seasons of life are smooth and easy. This season hasn’t been one of those! We’ve had an especially busy and trying week. One of our boys, whom we have given the English name of Andy, had a major seizure. After tests at the hospital they discovered a parasite in his brain. They must kill and dissolve it with medication, but this causes swelling of the brain. It is a dangerous time and requires a three to five day stay in the hospital. For more information about Andy and his condition you can check out Susan’s blog at She will also be giving updates on Facebook and I will share her posts on my Facebook account.

Andy’s treatment had to begin on the same day that we were due to get our visas. Our secretary, Pann, has been working on the paperwork for these for months. We can’t stay in the country without a current visa. We went to Immigration early Monday morning. We knew that we had to get a place at the head of the line or we would be there all day. We thank the Lord that we were able to get finished by 2 p.m. in the afternoon, about the time that the doctor said Andy would be in the most danger. So far he is okay, but it will be 72 hours before he is out of the woods.

Andy in his bed at the hospital Men at PT from Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, and the U.S.

We are thankful for God’s provision in many areas. It’s wonderful timing for Kimmy Hasselbusch to be here to help Susan with the children! Again, we thank her family and church for sending her. I don’t know how we would make it through this time without her. She is caring for the kids and the house so Susan can stay at the hospital with Andy.

We had another good week of Preachers’ Training since my last prayer letter. We are continuing our study on the nature and description of a Baptist church as given in the

New Testament. There are so many counterfeits all around us. It was again an encouragement to see the eagerness of these 27 men to learn the Word. They seem to have a deep longing to faithfully feed and lead their flocks.

We also have the joy of traveling to the mountain villages and preaching the Gospel and encouraging the saints. There are many villages without churches and many churches without pastors. Pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would raise up the preachers to this great work!

And please continue to pray for us concerning our own place. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we need a place where our children have room to play and grow. We have a neighbor who doesn’t like to hear them laughing and playing soccer. We want to be good neighbors, but the children need the freedom to exercise without worry about disturbing others. If we could consolidate all our ministries – preachers’ training, teaching children, raising our teenagers, etc. – in one place, it would be less expensive and easier to manage. And being away from the family for one week out of the month for preachers’ training is always difficult. Property in northern Thailand is very expensive, but the Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills and all the hills and valleys. The Lord knows our need and we are waiting on Him for exactly the right place. But yet, He commands us to ask.

Thank you again for your prayers and faithful support. For Christ count everything but loss… Bro. paul

PDF of report :  pdbrown_9_18_17