Mexico Missions 

Covenant Baptist Church 

P. O. Box 741 

Broken Arrow, OK 74013 

Dear Friends

July 24, 2019 

We are persevering in the task of teaching the Bible Institute studies in Merida, (Yucatan) Perote, (Veracruz) Mexico City, (Ecatepec) and Guatemala City. These monthly sessions are useful to help ground, encourage, and train as many laborers as possible in the churches and missions (30 plus) that attend. These Friday and Saturday meetings have a combined attendance of 200-250 each month. They also enable us to distribute large numbers of our books and tracts to the workers and pastors that are subsequently distributed to many others with whom we have no direct contact. We have plans to begin another Institute cycle in the new church facility downtown and are awaiting the Lord’s direction regarding the timing. 

After a tariff threat from President Trump the Mexican and American governments recently announced an agreement to drastically reduce the number of undocumented border crossings. This involves a complicated scheme that realistically has little hope of long-term success. About 20,000 Mexican national guard troops have been sent to the southern and northern borders. Surprisingly, the numbers have gone down about 30% over the last month. This has temporarily ended the plan to force Mexico into a ‘safe-third-country’ agreement. This agreement would result in an obligatory ‘stay in Mexico order’ for almost all those trying to claim asylum at the U.S border. 

In the meantime, large numbers of undocumented ‘immigrants’ are gathered in the cities and roaming the streets begging all over Mexico. Public opinion has quickly turned against the Central American caravans and many want the border with Guatemala sealed. There is even talk of Guatemala wanting to build a wall with El Salvador and Honduras. The familiar accusations of racism and xenophobia are now being raised against Mexico by many who are temporarily ‘trapped” here and unable to get across the USA border. A long-awaited day of reckoning will inevitably come, if these issues are not successfully resolved. 

The drug wars, violence and killing sprees continue to increase as the following statistics show: 

*Mexico reported 17,608 killing during the first six months of 2019. It’s the deadliest first half since the government started keeping official numbers in 1997. 

* An average of 100 people were killed daily in a nation of 125 million. 

*Since Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador entered office in December 2018, there have been 20,599 murders recorded. 

It should be noted that the real numbers are higher than those being reported. A more important statistic is that Mexico has the lowest number of evangelical Christians per capita of any nation in Latin America. Biblical evangelism and a real awakening are the only hope. Church planting and evangelism are the divinely appointed means to reach God’s elect in every nation. We believe there is a great harvest yet to be reaped in this idolatrous nation. This is our firm conviction after 36 years of working in this field. Please continue to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into His harvest. 

Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family