Mexico Missions 
Covenant Baptist Church 
P. O. Box 741 
Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Dear Friends May 29, 2019

We returned on the first day of May from an intense trip to the USA. We were able to visit some of our supporting churches while also spending time with Carolyn, Nick and our new granddaughter, Natalie. 
Lissa’s surgery was successful and her vision is now almost perfect in the eye that suffered a retina detachment some years ago. Many prayers were answered and we are thankful for the Lord’s loving kindness, help and protection in a myriad of ways 
both small and great. 
This month I was able to hold the regular Institute studies in Guatemala City, Merida, Yucatan, Ecatepec (Mexico City) and in Veracruz. We continue to have visitors in our regular services and are encouraged to see folks coming almost every week from the weekly tract distribution efforts. I am still preaching a long series on the parables and 
miracles while Mark recently began a new survey series on Romans. We are earnestly praying for the salvation of many who appear to be not far from the kingdom. 
Guatemala is in the middle of a national election cycle and is facing a drought that threatens the livelihood of almost 3 million subsistence farmers in all of Central America. There is an ongoing exodus of people fleeing Central America with numbers approaching 100,000 per month entering illegally into the USA. Polls indicate that another 4-5 million desire to ‘immigrate’ to America and so this invasion will continue until something drastic is done to stop it. 
Political games are being played behind the scenes in Mexico and Central America in an endless attempt to get more money from Washington for supposed ‘economic development’ in these countries. Only fools do not realize that these funds will mysteriously disappear and produce no development or change in the numbers that are coming illegally to the USA. The situation is tragic and complex. It involves a longtime conspiracy by the elites in these countries to export as many poor people as possible, along with local Charismatic prosperity gospel cults who are the primary promoters of this undocumented ‘immigration’. Almost half the population in Central America has left the Catholic Church and are fervent believers in the false prosperity gospel. When this delusion does not raise them out of poverty, many conclude it is ‘God’s will’ for them to head for the USA. Multitudes are also enticed by their 
relatives who are already in the States and living much better, due in part to endless welfare, free health care and other handouts provided by the U.S. taxpayers. 
Our Central American churches struggle with these issues trying to proclaim the biblical Gospel amid much confusion and opposition. Those who stand against the ‘exodus’ are ostracized and condemned. 
Our metro area recently went through a terrible air pollution crisis that was the result of 108 wildfires burning in surrounding states. The contamination levels were some of the worst in the history of Mexico City and made life miserable for everyone. This went on for over two weeks. Our leftist city government announced this week that they are going to restrict car circulation even more, as if this had something to do with the fires. This is a pretext to get more people out of their cars and into the crime ridden public transport system. In the meantime, the real causes of the air pollution woes that have plagued the city for many years remain unaddressed. Our federal government 
continues to push a Socialist utopian agenda. This has now resulted in a national health crisis with major shortages of doctors and medicine in the government-run health system. The finger pointing is endless as violence levels continue climbing and government funds are redistributed to pet projects that are of dubious importance. 
We are so thankful to have the Gospel and to be used as instruments to proclaim truth in this dark, depressing and sin-enslaved country. We thank you for your prayers, support and obedience to the Great Commission.

Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family