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Dear Friends                                                                                         Nov. 21, 2018


We are almost to the end of a very busy schedule this month.  I will fly to Merida for the next Institute session on Friday morning.  We have two special meetings planned for the first two Sundays in December, one at our new building here and another in Guanajuato (the central part of the country) with folks coming from four surrounding states. We continue to have visitors in our regular Sunday services and evangelistic opportunities each week.


We have been enjoying a visit with our daughter Carolyn along with our son-in-law Nick. They will fly back to Oklahoma on Saturday after spending Thanksgiving with us. We did some sightseeing with Nick and survived the long holiday weekend here called the ‘buen fin’. This is a Mexican version of Black Friday that runs from Friday through Monday. It is the only real shopping opportunity before all the prices are traditionally raised in the build up to December.


December 1st is the inauguration of Mexico’s new president.  There is a five month delay from the election in July and the official ‘Toma de Poder’.  Many unwise and politically dangerous mistakes have already been made by the incoming government. The cancelation of Mexico City’s new airport has temporarily crashed the peso and affected the outlook for investment and growth. Many fear that we may see the new president morph into a modified version of Hugo Chavez and engineer a collapse similar to Venezuela. There are also moves in the new congress to aggressively push the LGBT agenda and limit religious liberty nationwide. Only time will tell how things play out, but the initial optimism is already gone.

We have been following the circus atmosphere surrounding the now infamous ‘caravan’ that recently started out in Honduras.  Some of these folks have been involved in rapes, murders, kidnappings and robberies during their trek across Mexico, either as victims or perpetrators.  Now that the first wave is at Tijuana, there is outcry here for something to be done to stop more from coming. There are videos circulating with Mexicans shouting that “Trump is right” and begging the authorities to take action.

There is nothing new about large numbers of so-called refugees from Central America making their way to the U.S. This is a daily occurrence that is aided and abetted by many ‘bad actors’ along the way and involves thousands of people each week.  The ruling elites in most of Central America want as many of their poor people as possible to head to the USA as this rids them of the burden and inevitably results in a large inflow of money being sent back to their relatives who remain behind.  If this ongoing invasion is not brought to an end, the USA will inevitably find itself in a similar or worse situation than the European countries that are presently being overrun.  My view is that it will take a real closing of the border with Mexico or Guatemala to end this, and that if this is not done soon it may very well be too late.  More ‘caravans’ (6 or 7 more) are already organized and are heading north for the ‘American Dream’ (or nightmare).

Of course the spiritual dimension and implications of this are what really matter most. There is no real hope for change in any of these countries without the Gospel.  In spite of all that is wrong in the USA, we still have much to be thankful for.  If providence had so willed it, you and I would be ‘trapped’ in one of these third world countries, desperately looking for a way out, ‘without hope and without God in the world’  (Ephesians 2:12).


Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family