Dear Friends,                                                                                            June 4, 2018


I am on the last day of our short trip to the States.  I will be driving back to Mexico tomorrow accompanied by Pastor Chamberlin. He will help drive and (hopefully) make getting some things over the border a little easier.  We are carrying a load of Pastor Downing’s ‘Baptist Catechism’ (that we finally have in one complete volume) as well as items for our print shop etc.  Lissa, Mark and Luke will stay over in the USA for a wedding this weekend in Wichita, KS and fly back to Mexico City on Saturday night.  Pastor Chamberlin and I will cross the border at Laredo on Wednesday morning and make the long drive to Mexico City arriving, Lord willing, late that night.   I will jump right back into my regular preaching and monthly travel schedule with upcoming trips to Merida and Veracruz.


Last Saturday we celebrated Nick and Carolyn’s marriage with a delayed celebration (they were already married by the civil authority) attended by our families, friends and a good group of folks who made the trip up from Mexico. It was a joyous occasion for all.  Our son Mark preached an evangelistic message directed to the unconverted friends and relatives who attended.  All our church ceremonies in Mexico follow this pattern and in many cases it is the only opportunity some people ever have to hear the gospel.  (They will never attend a gospel preaching church, but are happy to attend these ceremonies.)


Mexico is now less than one month away from the very important elections scheduled for July 1st. The leftist leading presidential candidate seems to have taken a commanding lead in the polls and this continues to be a cause for great concern.  Many feel he could easily be defeated, but the opposition is divided between two candidates that who are sworn enemies. The drawn out NAFTA renegotiation appears to have fallen apart.  No one will be surprised if we soon face major peso devaluation and macro or micro economic crisis as well as other attempts to scare voters off.


We have been holding regular services at the new building now for 6 weeks with many visitors and evangelistic opportunities. The first Sunday of our trip to the States, a man was robbed after the service (he is not a church member, and had been sitting in his car about to drive away).  Another family whose business was recently the target of a ‘protection –extortion’ attempt, also feared that they had been ‘followed’ to church.  These events served as warnings for us to take some precautionary measures, including stationing armed police guards outside the property during the services.  There is currently a wave of robberies occurring at churches, restaurants and other public venues throughout the country.  Since the law does not allow the general public to be armed, contracting police and security services is the only form of ‘protection’.

Please remember our trip in your prayers.  I will send out an email update when we get back.

Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family