Mexico Missions

Covenant Baptist Church

  1. O. Box 741

Broken Arrow, OK 74013


Dear Friends                                                                                            Jan. 24, 2018


It was one year ago this month that we were able to conclude the drawn-out purchase process of the building for our largest mission. Now one year later, the building remodel is moving along. The basic work to reinforce the structure (earthquake-proof) is now complete and the first floor balcony is almost finished. There have been attempts by the municipality to hinder the work, but Lord has helped us to keep them at bay for now…We still have to go through a final approval process in order to have all the required public meeting permits approved by the municipality.

We hope to begin holding services sometime in the next month or two and a weeknight Bible study will begin meeting there sooner.


We are making plans for a massive tract distribution effort that will be ongoing throughout the year. The building is strategically located in the heart of the city, very close to the subway system and other primary public transportation outlets.  There are literally millions of people within 15-30 min. of this locality.


We are also planning to begin a new Bible Institute at this site.  We have a large group of folks in our churches and missions who have not attended these studies and can now take advantage of the opportunity.  We are trusting that the Lord will use this to prepare more workers and future candidates for the ministry. We presently have 5 ongoing Institutes in Guatemala City, Veracruz, Merida (Yucatan), Ecatepec (the ex-Rhema group) and Tultitlan (Estado de Mexico). This new Institute will be oriented toward the younger generation that will assume leadership responsibilities in the Lord’s time and plan.


Our extensive book translation and printing ministry continues to grow. I have spent the last two days doing a reprint (1,000 copies) of our 100 page booklet on Baptists and the Doctrines of Grace. We plan to open a bookshop at the new building.


I am back into my regular travel schedule and held the Institute studies last Friday and Saturday in Merida. We travel this Saturday to Veracruz and then the following Friday and Saturday I travel to Guatemala City.


The political situation here is starting to heat up as we begin the build up to the national elections in July.  We have already seen a lot of fireworks from the presidential candidates.  This may turn out to be a bigger turning point for Mexico than any election in the last 30 years.  There are many dangers in this process and the outcome may turn out badly for Mexico and the USA. We covet your prayers for both of our countries and the liberty to continue to spread the Gospel here.


Missionary Tom Montgomery and Family