July 16, 2016

The view from the house was breathtaking, but the testimony of the owner was even more uplifting.

We had traveled up into the mountains for a Sunday service at the village of Plang Hok. The pastor, Seh’ba, had built a new house and asked us to take part in the house dedication after the service. At his request, we held the church service in the new living room. We had a good time of preaching, prayers, and singing. As usual, we enjoyed many specials.

It was a simple building, really a detached addition to his old house. But though it was only made of board and bamboo, it was beautiful with windows that framed views more stunning than any earthly painter could produce.

Seh’ba has been a faithful friend and fellow-servant of the Lord for many years. His words brought such joy to our hearts. “The Lord has given us this house. It is His, and to be used for the Lord, to serve Him in His kingdom. Our desire is that everything said and done here will be for His glory.”

The day before, Saturday, we had traveled to the village of Hoe Sum Suk for another time of preaching and dedication of a new house. That home was built for one of the former pastors, Ja’Heh. He has been handicapped by a severe stroke and paralysis for five years. He, too, has been a faithful man. I told in a previous prayer letter how he awakes at 5 a.m. each day and prays for us. His daughter works for an organizationwhich built this simple little block house for him. His desire also was for God’s presence and glory to abide in his home. He asked us to pray, too, that the Lord would bring home his prodigal son as our Lord told of in the parable in Luke 15.

Last week we had a wonderful time of teaching with the LaHu and LiSu preachers from Thailand. They were very happy to see us back from America. We had been gone most of the month of August to get our multi-entry visas. There is always a fear among them that something will happen and we won’t come back. We were thankful to be with them again and to see their grasp of the truths I’ve been teaching. Our emphasis right now is on sound doctrine (Romans) and sound church practice (1 Timothy). We are looking forward to next week when we may have 25 or more preachers coming from the communist countries of Laos and Myanmar (Burma). We know that this will be a major increase in our finances, but where the Lord leads He always provides.

Our children were glad to see us back, too. They all seem to be doing well in their lives and in school. Susan is having an English class with them each evening, teaching them to read and write in English, as well as working on improving their vocabulary and grammar. They are normal children with the usual spats and difficult days, but on the whole, they are happy kids. We love them and are thankful for the privilege of raising them.

Continue to pray with us for a place in Thailand where we can teach the preachers from these three countries, raise our children, and help with the training of other hill tribe children. God is good! We do thank the Lord for the privilege of serving these precious people here in Thailand and Southeast Asia. And we are thankful for you who are co-laborers with us through your prayers and faithful support. We look forward to the day when we will have time to visit all the churches again, but for now we are unable to leave the work for more than a few weeks at a time. May the Lord richly bless you!

For Christ count everything but loss… Bro. paul

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