Dear Praying Friends,

I leave in just a few minutes for a trip to Mexico. I will be preaching 3 times in a 2 day
conference in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, which is on the border.
Please pray much for the Lord’s blessings on the conference, for the church there and
for the pastors who will be attending. Also for me and Bro. David Aguilera from Torreon,
as we are the 2 speakers.

A few weeks ago I had a disturbing occurrence of momentary blindness in one eye.
I rushed in the next day to my ophthalmologist for an examination and
he said that there is nothing in the eye to cause the problem. He sent me on the a
cardiologist to find the more likely cause of the problem. The cardiologist has
found 2 problems that could be the cause. The biggest, I think, is a blockage in my
right carotid artery that may have plaque breaking off, causing mini-strokes.

After I return from this trip I will be having more tests and perhaps
treatment. Please pray that there will be no more problems during this trip, and that we
can get this taken care of.  We are in God’s hands, which is the best place to be!

Danny G. Roten