Dear Praying Friends,

Warmest greetings! Janet and I have returned from the trip to Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico that I mentioned in my last reports. We were blessed to make the trip safely, with good health, and with much blessing. I was invited to preach in a 2-day conference at the Primera Iglesia Bautista Emanuel where my long time co-laborer Tomás Olvera is pastor. Bro. David Aguilera (from Torreon, Coahuila) and I each spoke 2 times on Saturday and once again on Sunday. Part of the congregation in the first Sunday service is pictured below.

November 11, 2017

What a joy it is to my soul to see how the pastors that I have been privileged to mentor and teach for many years now are actively reaching out to others, teaching others, and the work continues to grow. I began working with Tomás back in the early 1990’s. Tomás and David are both faithfully training men from their own churches, as well as reaching out to untaught men who are already pastoring other churches that they meet up with around them.

I did not get a total count of the pastors present, but there were pastors attending from at least 7 different towns in the Saturday services. This picture shows the men who

are pastoring or teaching, that were still present for the Sunday services.

Please continue to pray for the evangelistic opportunity that I have each Wednesday evening in Oklahoma City. We help out in an English as Second Language class for immigrants, and then I preach to the group after the class for 10 to 15 minutes. The number attending the class varies each week. Of course most of those attending are from Mexico, but we have also has one from Turkey, one from Egypt, some from Peru and Venezuela, several Central Americans, and a large group from Brazil. For the last several months I have preached particularly to 1 Mexican lady and to 3 Brazilians. As they hear the word each week, it is evident that they are growing in their understanding of the Gospel. Please join us in fervent prayer that the Lord would soon draw them to Himself in repentance and faith.

After the episode with temporary blindness in one eye, my ophthalmologist referred me to a cardiologist. I have had several tests, and a couple of problems have been identified. I have a 69% blockage in one carotid artery. Additionally there is a defect in the heart that has been identified. Either one of these could have been the source of the eye problem, sending either plaque or a blood clot to my eye. There will be more follow-up with these in days to come. I would appreciate your prayers very much, for the Lord to give wisdom to the doctors, and to grant healing as He wills. Remember Janet’s health, too, as she deals with the sarcoidosis, COPD, and diabetes.

We thank the Lord for you all, for your prayers, and support!

Grace and Peace, Danny G. Roten

This is a link to the .pdf of the missionary letter with photos.