Psalm 86:11 “Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.”
Psalm 25:5 “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.”
Dear Brethren,
Our God is good. Yet so many times we forget it, ignore it, and sadly some deny it. We were visiting a church some time ago and the song leader simply said, “God is good”. Immediately, without delay, the congregation piped in and said, ” All the time.”
May we always remember how good God is to us all the time.
The two verses I used to start this prayer letter are precious to me because they remind me to wait and seek His guiding hand always…to be still and know…know He is good to me, to us all the time…good to us by first giving us His great salvation and then leading us to work for Him whenever and wherever He leads.
In December the Lord permitted us to bless so many children along with many elderly handing out the candy and fruit bags. It is always a joy to see their faces as they receive them. It was so nice to be able to give bigger bags this year because of the participating love of some who shared the burden to help buy the candy and fruit (and peanuts, of course). We love to see the children look at the bags, open them and see what is the first item they pull out. The light in their eyes is marvelous. Andres and Damaris were also able to go to the other AguaCaliente to minister to them and joyously give them candy bags also. What a blessing.
Andres has finished preaching the series on Death he had started a little while ago. He is now burdened to begin once again a series on the New Testament Church. We have several new visitors, and he hasn’t preached through the Biblical truths on the Church for some time. So, now this past Sunday he began this series. Lord willing it will strengthen the newcomers and affirm this truth to all of us who have been in the congregation since the beginning.
The Lord also permitted us to travel once again at the beginning of the year to Queretero. When we were there in October Bro Omar and his wife insisted we return before their son’s wedding on Jan 5th. First, because they really wanted us to attend. Secondly, because they wanted/needed our help to do the decorations for the wedding/reception, which we were glad to help with. Thirdly, so Andres could once again preach at least twice the following Sunday. It is always a joy to visit with the Brethren there, even though there was a lot of work the Lord made it enjoyable. It is also wonderful to see how God works to bring together two of His children, unite their hearts, and allow us all to witness their vows before Him to love and serve Him together.
Upon arriving in the village it has been constant work to once again enter into routine and start the new projects for this year. It has been a couple of years since we have had a ladies Bible Study. Lord willing, we will begin once again this coming Friday. We will begin this year studying John Bunyan’s , Pilgrim’s Progress. Several ladies who have expressed an interest in attending are not Christians and we pray the Lord will touch their hearts and save them.
Also, a young woman who wants to further her secular studies has asked me to help her pass her English exam. She will not be able to enter into nursing school if she can’t pass this test. So, Lord willing I will be able to help her. So many in the villages don’t study beyond elementary. I pray this will also be a way to touch her heart with the truth of God’s precious gift, His salvation. I have watched this young woman be born and grow up, now I would love to see her born again.
In the last letter we mentioned the difficulties concerning Andres’ meds asking all of you to intercede in prayer before God. The Lord has given us at least a reprieve. Andres has enough of most of his meds to last through March. The Midodrine, which is one that concerns us the most since the gov’t has said they will be taking it off the market, we were able to get enough of it to last this year…but what we will be doing for the years to come if we can’t find another source is still a concern. Also, if all the meds have to be bought in the U.S. , well, the cost will increase tremendously. So, please continue to pray that definite sources can be found with accessible prices for all of us.
Speaking of meds, there has been a tremendous increase of illness among the villages. I am sure some of you were ill with this years flu and colds. Well it has arrived here. The store of meds I keep on hand to help the villagers has been depleted. I am completely without medication to attend anyone, now. Usually I can put something together adjusting dosages, etc…now I can’t even do that. I have even given away things that I had been using for us. So if the Lord burdens your hearts to help with a love gift to buy meds I would appreciate it. It has been a way to help the villagers and show compassion when they have a need. May the Lord be glorified in all we do.
Life goes on, we continue to work…winter has come but work continues even in the cold. Andres continues to work, to preach, and teach. That is a blessing. The Lord continues to allow us to touch lives. We are thankful for that.
We pray that the Lord will allow all of us to continue to work together. We pray the Lord will continue to bless each one of you. We praise God for each one of you because we know you pray for us. (Even though I don’t always mention them, the “bad” men are always present.) Pray that all that is taught will be used by God to touch the souls of the men and women as well as their children that He puts in our way.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Without Him we can do nothing.
Praise God for each one of you, Thank you.
Loving God and serving Him with what He gives,
Andres, Rhonda and Damaris Galaviz