“For the Lord will not forsake his people for his great name’s sake: because it hath pleased the Lord to make you his people.” (1 Sam. 12:22)

Dear Brethren,

Ezra, in Ezra 9:9 said, “Our God has not forsaken us”.

 Indeed He has not.

We pray that in everything we say and do God will be glorified, God will be honored, that God will be all. Sadly, we fail in all of these, but God (how we love that phrase) will not, He will not forsake us.

It has been a long road since last writing. We have felt ill, we have been tired, a lot of stress but these things just seem to be everywhere. What do you do? Well, you just keep walking, teaching, preaching, living, if God permits.

Andres had been teaching for several months on Sovereignty. He finished that series in October and is now teaching about Death.  Death and the Christian, Death and the Unbeliever, Victory in Death, etc… He is not sure how long he will go with this subject or where God will take him but he definitely feels pushed to teach on the subject.

If the Lord burdens you please pray for him. It isn’t an easy subject to teach on but it is a necessary one…it is really a victorious one.

Life in the village continues on though. Between preparing everything for winter, getting and storing firewood, plus all the daily work of having enough water in the tanks, etc… Andres, if you have ever been around him, you know he doesn’t stop for long. God has been so good to us helping him continue on. We see him weakening, we see it taking him longer to finish a task because he has to rest more often, but he doesn’t complain about it he just does what needs to be done.

The Lord gave him an opportunity to visit once again in the “other” AguaCaliente. It is about 1 hour away from us. The widow that used to live there came back for a time and sent word that she would love Andres to come by and share the Word with her. (Some will remember her husband was killed some time ago by the “bad men” who are in our area. It was a blessing to be able to go see her and share the Word.

Andres was also able in October to preach twice in Queretero and Irapuato…his strength ran out and couldn’t preach in AguasCalientes but it was a blessing to be with the Brethren there and hear all God has done among them. It is always good to be among the Brethren, encouraging one another in Christ and enjoying each other.

We ask that you pray for Andres because there is now some difficulty involving the medications he has to take. These meds are an integral part of his being able to function, to continue to do anything and everything. One medication, it seems, is being taken off the market and not being substituted with another…others are becoming hard to obtain through the normal suppliers. So a new supplier must be found soon. A dear Brother in Christ who is a pharmacist has helped us to at least get enough of the most expensive medication to get Andres through to March. He was also able to get a year’s supply of the medication that is being taken off the market. So we have at least a reprieve. None of these medications are available in Mexico. Our Brethren from CBC are working overtime to find a way to supply this need. Please remember them also.

Andres knows that the day may come when there may not be a way to obtain his medication. He was sharing with a church here in the states the other day that when or if that day comes he will bow to providence knowing that God has designated it as his time to pass over to home. He doesn’t know how it will happen but is working as he can until that day. Just as all who love the Lord and work while it is yet day.

We have had a time of rest during the Thanksgiving season. Celebrating with family and brethren. It was also good to worship and Andres to preach while here as he was able. We were also able to pick up a few needed supplies. Now we must head back to pick up where we left things. We will also be buying what is needed to supply the items for the children bags given out each year. These bags are such a small thing really. But we have seen the results in the children. Their faces light up because someone cared enough to give them something. Many of the children now are a second generation receiving them. The parents comment sometimes to us how they enjoyed the time and how they touched their lives. God knows and we pray it will always be a way to open a door into other’s lives.

Please pray for us.

Pray for Andres’ strength. God has permitted him to be among us so much longer than the doctors thought possible. But he is weakening and that brings more difficulties.

Pray for the Brethren in the villages. They live with many difficulties and with the “bad men” around it makes it harder still. Also pray with us that God will continue to work among the unsaved in the villages, that all of us will continue to be light among the darkness. That all of us will continue to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray that a new med supplier can be found.

Pray with us thanking our great God for not forsaking us, for being with us in every aspect of our lives. We are so very grateful for His loving care.

Thank you.

Thank you for caring and praying with us.

Solo Deo Gloria.

Walking steadfastly in Christ,

Andres, Rhonda and Damaris Galaviz.