Dear Brethren,

I am writing this letter for the purpose of addressing all those who financially support Bro. Almond Katryan and his work in Guyana. At the request of Bro. Katryan I would like to give an update on the work and as well, his personal condition.

In the month of March I had the opportunity to fly to Guyana to be a part of a Memorial Service for Sis. Nalin and also be an encouragement to our dear brother who is grieving her loss. Nalin Katryan was _not only a faithful and devoted wife to her husband but she was also a vital asset to his ministry. To see first hand the work that God has done through her in her home country was astonishing to say the least. May I say, a faithful wife in the life of a man of God ( one who is not alone burdened for her husbands work and vision, but one whom God has graced with the same vision and burden for the ministry) is not only necessary, but invaluable in the work of God. Brother Katryan, as most of you already know, was blessed to have such a Christ-honoring wife in the ministry.

The work in Guyana is going strong thanks to the Lord. All three churches (Corriverton, Roadside, and Living Stone) are thriving and ministering in their communities. All three churches are holding fast to the word of God and are faithful to continue to teach and preach sound doctrine. I have witnessed this all first hand and can personally attest of their faithfulness. Aside from the continual preaching of the Gospel, young men are being trained for ministry, children are being educated, and members of the community are being instructed in various secular trades such as electric work, plumbing, and computer skills in order to build a more structured and prosperous community; all the while, the Gospel remains the central focus of all of these ministries.

As for our dear brothers emotional state, I will say that God is with him and His grace is sufficient. Bro. Katryan is deeply saddened by the loss of his wife (as any man would be) and he continues to have his struggles as he faces the lonely nights. He is also a bit overwhelmed at this time due to the added strain of appropriating unto himself all of the responsibilities that Sis. Nalin cared for during her life. Please pray for him and if possible, extend a phone call to encourage him as you have opportunity. His greatest need at this time 1s prayer and companionship, and I am thankful that God has blessed His work with many servants in Guyana that are encouraging Bro. Katryan at this time.

If you have any questions concerning Bro. Katryan and his ministry, please do not hesitate to call My number is 863-294-2659. ·

Pastor Johnathon Bush