Dear beloved in the Lord.

Greetings in the Lord writing that the almighty God is blessing His church by providing and keeping His church from all danger of apostasy and adding soul to His church bringing a good attendance serving faithfully for His glory. The past three Sunday service were wonderfully beautiful as God spirit was felt among the brethren through the preaching of His word by His divine authority and not with man wisdom. Also I am thankful to God for answering our prayers for the lives of a brother who was admitted in the hospital with a very serious ill health the lord is always gracious to hear his people when they cried unto him which we are thankful unto Him. The various groups in the church the men fellowship, the women, the children class and the choir are faithfully servicing for His glory. More also we will be having all night prayer programs on the 28th through Sunday, giving for fasting and praying seeking for wisdom and direction for His glory and so please be in prayer with us. As always we cease not thanking you brethrens for your faithfulness in prayers in needs and encouragement supplying for the growth of His ministry Grace Baptist Church Athens Greece. May the Lord continue to bless you all in Christ Name Amen.

By HIS Grace

Bro Eze