For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

Romans 5:6

We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren…

1 John 3:14

He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

1 John 5:12

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Oh how gracious and faithful is our God. We are so thankful how He sustains His work in our lives and among men. How marvelous to see even the small wonders He performs. We see how He gives strength, life, and a love for the ministry and the brethren.


Conference time at the end of May and beginning of June has always been a precious time here for the brethren. It is a time of refreshing over the word for all who attend and also a wonderful coming together in fellowship. The brethren here in the mountains always love to see other beloved ones in the Lord. All of us come away refreshed. It is great to count the blessings the Lord has given us.


After conferences we always have to hurry to prepare the land and plant gardens, while Andres moves the wood pile making sure we don’t accumulate any unwanted wild critters on top of visiting the brethren in need, etc… It takes strength and effort to just live here but once again we see our precious Lord’s provision as we get older and our bodies can’t seem to do as much daily. God provides us with the wisdom to know and not get overly frustrated because we can’t do as much. We are learning to take each day and do as much as possible. We watch Bro Angel who is now 90 yrs old ride by on his horse to check on his fields which by the way he planted by hand. The horse knows what he wants, whether he is going to or coming back from the fields…Bro Angel is asleep but the horse continues home. The other brethren in the church are always watching out for him also in case he doesn’t come back according to his normal routine. They’ll go to the fields to see if all is well. We see a love for the brethren that God has given.


In August Andres was invited to preach to the brethren in Monterrey. It is always a time of fellowship and learning. God was gracious to give Andres enough strength to preach several times and fellowship without his normal rest. He did have some difficulties upon returning. But we have learned that this is something to expect. A week later , upon returning he did have another heart seizure, a rather serious one, but the ICD did it’s job. We are grateful once again for God’s provision and His help.


There have been difficult times also…we have watched how evil men kidnap for ransom and then kill those in their hands. Sadly, a father of a dear friend was taken 3 months ago. He had a cattle ranch close by us. It is easy for all of us to become accustomed to having these men around us, watching all of us, but we begin to ignore them. There is a certain complacency that takes a hold even in dangerous situations. We must always pray, we must always be aware of how God provides in every way for all of us.


Lord willing Andres has been invited to preach once again in Queretero, Queretero and if his strength holds out in Purisima, Irapuato. We hope to leave the village around October 9th to arrive in Queretero by the  evening of the 10th. Bro Omar Ibañez has been a good friend and brother in the Lord and we appreciate the ministry the Lord has given him and this kind invitation. Actually, a couple of weeks ago Bro Omar felt such a heavy burden for Andres that he got airline tickets for himself, his wife and another couple and they came to visit the village (for the first time) and us. It was a good week with them there and he and the other Brother in Christ helped and encouraged Andres tremendously. Andres asked Bro Omar to preach on Sunday. Those that were able to come (we had flooding which made it impossible for several from outlying villages to attend, no way to cross the rivers) went away truly blessed and fed. God is so very good to us.


Andres will now begin to buy wood to get us through winter. This is a time consuming job since he will travel to Tomochic to the sawmills, load the pickup and bring back as much as he can. Lord willing he might find someone who will sell to him for a good price a few tons of wood at one time and take it to the village for him. This would be ideal. But last year that wasn’t possible. We shall see what there is this year.


Andres’ condition continues to worsen little by little, so not much we can say or do to change this fact. But we can glorify God in all we say and do. Because God is the One who has kept him preaching and serving Him as best he can, while he can. Please continue to pray. We are constantly challenged by I Thes. 5:17 to “Pray without ceasing” every moment for everything. I guess if there was one thing I would ask it would be I Thes. 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us”, just as Paul asked.


Thank you Brethren for faithfully praying for us, for faithfully supporting us, for caring for this ministry that God has given and continues to maintain.


Steadfastly standing and continuing to serve God by His grace and power,

  1. Andrés Galaviz and family