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Missionary Tom Montgomery

Dear Friends,                                                                               May 15, 2015   We returned safely to Mexico and are back into our regular activities. Our return trip was uneventful except for being stopped and harassed by the Federal police on the highway from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey. They wanted to give us a $350 ticket for supposedly speeding on a…

Missionary Tim Parrow Update

5/7/15 Dear Pastor and Brethren: Recovery and Recuperation During the month of March the Lord has enabled me to return to attending church services on the 15th but just to sit in the pew. Bro. Dick Gaches is doing a good job of preaching the Word from II Peter chapter one, verses one through eleven….

Missionary Calvin Gardner Update

Dear friends and praying brethren:   Thank you for your prayer and encouragement of us over the past week. The Lord greatly blessed at the funeral. A large number of unsaved folks showed up, as did many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from all throughout São Paulo state. Despite the heavy weight of emotion,…

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